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Thank you for stopping by.  Please take a look at my books which are listed below.  You will also find articles and podcast interviews.  And from time to time I will post new articles and excerpts from some of my work.


27 Days was just named a Finalist in the General Fiction category of the 2023 American Fiction Awards! 27 Days is a taut and topical political thriller narrated in laconic noir fashion by veteran LA PI Nick Crane. In the spring of 2019, Nick is on the run in the Pacific Northwest, pursued by a cabal of wealthy right-wing power brokers and domestic terrorists (the Principals) led by Marguerite Ferguson and Desmond Cole. Nick has clashed with Marguerite and her crew in the past, and she wants him abducted so that she can personally “close his eyes forever.”

Things get worse. Nick’s close friend and business partner Bobby Moore is kidnapped by Marguerite and the Principals. Nick is then informed that he has twenty-seven days to surrender to Marguerite. If he does not turn himself in, Bobby will be sent to Scorpion prison in Egypt to be tortured and murdered. If Nick surrenders, however, Bobby will be released.

Help appears in the form of a young, idealistic female FBI agent named Carrie North who wants to arrest Marguerite for conspiring to commit domestic terrorist operations against the United States. Nick and Carrie join forces and the race against time to rescue Bobby Moore begins. 

In this edgy detective thriller, Southern California heiress Jade Lamont is desperate to find her beloved brother Richard, who has vanished without a trace. To make matters worse, her father, Cicero Lamont, has just died under mysterious circumstances and her mother has committed suicide. In desperation, Jade turns to Nick Crane – an intense old school private detective with a big heart and a crack team of deputies. But even Nick doesn't anticipate the dense web of evil and intrigue that has swallowed up Richard and threatens to claim him and Jade as its next victims.

Cicero's Dead is as hard boiled as it is compassionate. Read it, and take a walk on the wild side. 


The Ghost of All Things Crime Blog Guest Post by Patrick H Moore, author of '27 Days'

27 DAYS BY PATRICK H. MOORE   An up-to-the-minute thriller that ably tackles contemporary politics.


Patrick H. Moore talks about the Road to 27 Days on Warren & Hawley's House of Mystery Radio Show on NBC:

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